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Niviuk         (26.4.2014)     
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Brake handels Recently, one pilot got his brake line cut by the metallic part of the handle. Fortunately without consequences for him . This case should be an isolated one. But as it is impossible to guaranty this, I recommend to all pilots to verify their brake handles and change them immediately if they show the same defect as here under. Do not hesitate to change also the brake main line if this one was damaged.
Brakes knots During  yearly checks, we found out that many Niviuk gliders arrived to our workshop with the brakes lines knot untied. Pictures here under are showing real cases not modified by us.
Carabiners Stainless carabiners are generally not tighten by tool on Niviuk gliders. Pilots must be aware that plastic inserts are note a guaranty to keep carabiners tighten. More than once, we found out that carabiners were unscrewed several turns. Here under the most extreme case we have seen :  "D" riser carabiner on a Takoo tandem; open and bent.
The knot used by Niviuk for the brakes is one of the best, from the point of view of solidity. Our breaking tests have shown this. Unfortunately,  it has the tendency to be untied by the friction of pilot gloves probably. Every pilot has to take this into account and check his knots periodically.
Here, the brake line already started to « slide » slowly.  In the most extreme case we have seen only 3 cm line were remaining.
Both sides of the metallic part have to be inspected meticulously.
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